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REVIEW - Faster We Burn (Fall and Rise #2) by Chelsea M. Cameron

The Book
Release Date: 18 April 2013
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**This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance and is suitable for ages 17 and up, due to language and scenes of sensuality**

Katie Hallman is done with douchebags. Done with guys who treat her like crap and leave her broken. But then Stryker Grant is there anyway. With his numerous piercings and bleached hair, he’s the polar opposite of all of her past relationships, which makes him the perfect candidate.

At first, Katie just sees him as a physical escape from her previous rocky relationship, and Stryker doesn’t seem to mind just being a distraction from Katie’s problems. But soon he’s getting under her skin, peeling back layers she’d rather keep covered. She tries to make it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship, but keeps breaking her own rules.

Then a tragedy sends Katie into the only arms that are there to catch her, and she’ll realize that she needs him more than she ever thought possible. But is she ready to let herself trust another guy with her already-battered heart? Or will she push him away to protect herself from getting hurt again?

My Opinion  4 STARS

This is the second book in the series and although it glosses quickly over what happened in book one, the majority of the events take place after book one has finished and we still get to see more of the characters from book one.

Although we never get an answer as to why she loves pink so much we do get to learn a lot more about Katie.  Unfortunately she is still dealing with the Zack issue, she has another family emergency and both her and Stryker have their 'relationship' to figure out.

Stryker is a secret softie and cares for Katie in a way that he has never done before with any of the other girls he has been with.  He is there when she needs her, and she turns up to be there when he needs someone.

It takes time but eventually they both help sort the other out until they both can't live without the other.  Both sides really being the other side of their soul and being the true person that the other needs.

It's a really good read, but slightly less good than the first book.

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