Thursday, 17 October 2013

Baiting the Boss - Coleen Kwan

The Book
Release Date: 14 October 2013

For years Grace Owens harbored a secret crush on her boss, Jack Macintyre, the heir to the Macintyre Corporation. But Jack relocates to a remote tropical island after tragedy upends his life, cutting off all contact. Now Grace’s new boss issues an ultimatum: return Jack to the family fold or pack her briefcase and move on.

When she turns up at Jack's bungalow, he can’t deny his attraction to the fiery woman determined to lure him out of his tropical paradise. Little does she know that returning is the last thing he wants—he’s nobody’s boss, and he likes it that way.

If he stays, she'll lose her job. If he goes, she'll lose her heart.

My opinion  3 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

Grace has had a crush in Jack since she started her job three years ago. They even went out on friday lunches after he smelled her soup one day.

However not long after his wife died in a car crash and he left the family company, sold his shares and left Australia altogether. 

Grace has been sent by his grandfather to bring him back home.

Jack was raised by his grandfather after his parents died when he was nine. When his wife died, he re-evaluated his life after an argument with his grandfather and sold everything going traveling around europe.

For the long year he has been living on an island not far from Hawaii. Grace proves to be both stubborn and a temptation and he is fist slightly hostile to her before finding he cant keep his hands off her. She tells him about her past, something she normally does not talk about.

When he sends her back on the boat without him he feels odd and ends up bring the boat back and going with her.

The reunion with his grandfather does not go well and he turns up at her flat wanting a place to stay. The first two nights he sleeps in her flat mates bed alone. The next as her flat mate comes back early he sleeps in her bed, but they both have erotic dreams. He wakes up with a breast in his hand and they do the dirty before going back sleep. 

They share a kiss in the office which is seen by some of her colleagues and she then avoids him and he sleeps at a hotel. She has been given yet another special project she doesn't want to do and tells her boss she is not happy.

At a ball she has had to help plan she tells her boss she is not happy again and tells him she has started to find another job. He fires her.

Jack sees her unhappy and gets info from her then tears after his grandfather and they have a better talk than they ever have.

Jack is due back to the island the next day but goes looking for Grace and finds her at her old haunt. He takes her to a building opposite her flat and up to the penthouse. Her dream home. He has bought it for her and tells her he loves her and that he wants to marry her.

Is a sweet story, but things happen on the fast track. Although the emotions are good, it failed to connect with me and i found it a little meh. It lacked something to pull me in and feel real.

However it is a good read.

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