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Cinderella Screwed Me Over - Cindi Madsen

The Book
Release Date: 22 October 2013

Darby Quinn has a bone to pick with Cinderella. Burned one too many times by ex-boyfriends, Darby has lost all belief in the happily-ever-after that the fairy-tale princess promised her. She's sworn off love, Prince Charmings, and happy endings and she's happy about it. Really. Or at least she was…until she met Jake, her gorgeous neighbor and the manager of her favorite restaurant. But Darby has rules about dating, ones she's culled from her years spent with so-called “princes,” and starting something with Jake would break all of them.

Charming, fun, and unwilling to give up on her, Jake doesn’t fit any of the profiles Darby has created from her case studies of ex-princes-gone-bad. Finally presented with her own Prince Charming, can Darby take a chance on a happily-ever-after?

Full of wit and sarcastic humor, Cinderella Screwed Me Over proves that sometimes the perfect love, like a perfect pair of shoes, is just within your grasp.

My Opinion  5 STARS
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

Do fairy tales and Disney Princesses really screw us up from the moment we watch them? Do we grow up led to believe that all relationships and loves will be like the movies where everything will have its happy ever after?

Darby grew up watching the movies and hearing the stories like the rest of us, however after years of being in the dating game she has grown ever increasing disillusioned with the concept and of love and the happy ever after.

Each of her failed relationships she has put against fictional characters such as Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Prince from Cinderella and all the others. She has put in place rules with her dating. No men that tell lies, don't live in the same building or where she works or eats and countless other rules just to ensure that she no longer gets hurt in the relationship stakes.

Her best friend is getting married and Darby is alone again and has decided that men are just no worth it when she meets Jake. After coming to rescue with her shoe he pursues her, trying to get her to go out with him. He is slow yet steady in his pursuit and is never very pushy, but just enough to get her to agree to seeing him, even though he already has two strikes against his name.

Darby is cynical in love and is honest in telling people in what she feels, she doesn't lie and tells the truth the way she sees it. However she often finds herself in situations in which she is the only single woman there making it awkward when they start telling their own loves stories.

I love how patient Jake is even as you can see her rebelling and still trying to push Jake away. She is always trying to find the fault with his so they can break up before feelings and other things get in the way.

Darby is an interior decorator, whilst Jake is the co-owner of the restaurant Blue where she frequents quite often. He has only recently got back from the restaurant that he has opened in Vegas, hence never having met him before.

We get to find out about a lot of Darby's ex-relationships and who she identifies each man to and where is all went wrong. We find out how Disney screwed us over and how we build up our expectation too high.

I loved the first 75% to 80% of the book. I found it witty and funny and found myself laughing at the way the story was portrayed. However I found the last 20 to 25% I found to be lacking in something, however the book does feel very real in its approach. Many of us i'm sure can relate even in a small way to the book and the failed relationships.

A very good read.

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