Saturday, 7 December 2013

Heart of Venom (Elemental Assassin #9) by Jennifer Estep

The Book
Release Date: 27 August 2013

The hotly anticipated ninth novel in the hugely popular Elemental Assassin series finds Gin Blanco on a dangerous mission to rescue a friend. 

When a terror from the past threatens Gin’s friend and body-disposer, Sophia, Gin will stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means walking straight into a killer’s trap. Meanwhile, the rocky romance between Gin and Owen reaches a turning point—can they reunite and rekindle their love? Or will the things Gin has been forced to do in her line of work as the deadly assassin the Spider keep them apart forever? Assuming, that is, she survives long enough to find out…

My Opinion  5 STARS
Another actioned packed, suspense riding, emotional roller coaster from Jennifer Estep.

This was a brilliant book in the series and my favourite book so far.  Mostly we are told more about Jo-Jo and Sofia and the book mostly focuses on the past of Sofia and her nemeses Mr Grimes.

There is very little of Finn and Bria, but more of Gin and Owen together which is nice.

Its a dark road for an assassin, but there is nothing that Gin won't do for her family.  Gin helps Sofia when she is captured again by the monster that took her all theses years ago and battles through high odds of surviving, however Mr Grimes and his sister still live.

Gin and her family make plans to face Grimes on their own turf and a battle ensues, where Owen shows he will do anything for Sofia and Sofia manages to battle her demon and come up the better.

Another compelling read.

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