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Just for Now (Escape to New Zealand 3) - Rosalind James

The Book
Release Date: 29 August 2012

There's no place like home . . .

For teacher Jenna McKnight, nothing spells "heartbreak" like finding her husband with somebody else--in her bed. It's clearly time to reinvent herself. A new body, a new city, and a new job later, she's done just that. The beautiful Auckland villa isn't really her home, though. Finn Douglas and his kids aren't really her family, however much she wishes they were. And playing house can be a dangerous game.

Rugby star Finn Douglas is just looking for a temporary nanny and housekeeper. Not a girlfriend, and definitely not a wife. He can't resist Jenna's cooking, it's true. Who knew he'd have so much trouble resisting her? He wants to do what's right for his kids. But waiting is so hard . . .

My Opinion  3 STARS

I'm starting to wonder at this series, if it would have been better to buy a cheap book on New Zealand and one one rugby instead.  Too much of the books focus on the Island and the game.  I want to read the romance, not have the game of Rugby or the island traditions spouted to me all the time.  Therefore the romance in the story goes really slowly.  Needless to say that i am not liking this particular series much, but i've bought the books, so i'll read them.

On the romance side we have Jenna, she has gone through a shock when she found her husband having sex in her bed with his new partner.  They have since split and she has been travelling and working on the south island.  Needing more cash she applies for a six month nanny job where she doesn't exactly get on with the single dad in the interview.

Finn is a single dad to two young kids under the age of nine.  His current nanny has to go and look after a relative and needs someone in place before he goes off to play rugby with first the Blues and then the All Blacks.  The first nanny he hires smacks the kids (which is illegal) so she is promptly fired leaving only Jenna as suitable.  The kids had already met Jenna in the park whilst she was walking her friends dog and already like her.

Jenna spends her day looking after the kids, cooking for both the kids and the eating machine that is Finn and also teaching the kids about cool things.  Evenings are spent getting to Finn with a glass of wine before bed.  Of course the kids miss Finn when he is on tour and constantly phone each other.

Attraction builds between the two up to a point where there is a family wedding and they finally find nothing between them and jump over their final hurdle and sleep together.  They keep their relationship silent from everyone but his sister has a suspicion.

When Finn goes on tour with the All Blacks, Jenna finds herself pregnant and emotional along with having terrible morning sickness.  Emotions and a bad day leave her shouting at the kids, then having to apologise.  When Finn comes home he is shocked at the news and does not react very well.  The next day they wake up to find that Jenna has left a week early.  He is unable to find her.

Jenna has fled to his sister and taken a job where his sister puts her in an office job when she finds out she's pregnant.  Christmas finds Finn and his two unhappy kids down with his sister for christmas.  All of them are unhappy but he can't find Jenna to make things right.  This is where his sister intervenes of course.  The pair meet, make up and come together in family unity.

As i said before, if it wasn't for all the rugby lessons and the lessons on New Zealand the story isn't bad.


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