Monday, 9 September 2013

Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour 4) - Olivia Cunning

The Book
Release Date: 6 August 2013
From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners’ new front of house soundboard operator, drummer Eric Sticks knows he has to make Rebekah his. Unfortunately, she’s too busy trying to seduce guitarist Trey Mills to pay him much attention. Rebekah never planned to fall for the tall, goofy drummer with the weird sense of humor and a heart the size of the galaxy. But Eric makes her laugh and his constant attention makes her feel sexy and irresistible–exactly what she needs after the things her last lover said to her. A woman who gives as much as she takes, Rebekah makes Eric feel like a total stud–exactly what he needs after surviving a decade of watching the incredibly talented members of Sinners from the wings.

My Opinion  5 STARS

Well Olivia Cunning has done it again. This book had me laughing out loud, crying at times and going all mushy. 

I totally fell in love with Eric. A grown man who went through the foster system, he grew up with a love of music after a teacher helped him find it as an outlet. Each time he moved school he would 'choose' a new instrument to play. He would then play it until he doesn't it, therefore having a very large amount of talent at what he can now play. His only major problem is that he totally under estimates his own self worth.

Rebekah is the little sister of the Front Of House sound board operator Dave who was injured in the bus crash where he broke his neck. Rebekah being a bit of a rebel and wanting to live her life after surging cancer helps out by taking over Dave's job while he recovers. She also has self esteem issues after her last boyfriend told her she no longer felt right after her operation.

Once on board the bus after a mutual love of Eric's car, both Eric and Rebekah hit it off, especially when she treats the voyer to a one man show opposite his bunk. It takes very little time for them to realise that they gel well together, and Trey notices immediately and helps Eric win his lady.

Rebekah has troubles with settling into her job as someone tries to sabotage her but she always manages to fix things in time, meanwhile Eric they both explore their sexual relationship together, where Eric finds he dies not want to share his girl.

When the band splits for a break trouble brews with an ex-boyfriend and a mentally unstable mother. The relationship is tested and tried, heads butt and trickery is involved.

The ending is deliciously sweet and humbling with Eric showing us all how much he loves and supports Rebekah. They are my favourite couple in this series.


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