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The Marriage Caper (Billionaire Games 2) - Sandra Edwards

The Book
Release Date: 7 February 2013

Andre de Laurent is the second son of an extremely wealthy family, which basically means he'll always be number two. That is, until his mother's uncle dies and leaves him a multi-billion-dollar fortune. So what's the trouble? Andre has sixty days to take a wife, and he'll have to remain married for one year or forfeit the inheritance to distant relatives--who are hell-bent on claiming the inheritance as their own.

Aspiring actress Tasha Gordon has never wanted anything quite so much as that big break--until she met Andre de Laurent. Could his offer turn out to be the role of lifetime?

Approximately 50,000 words. About 228 pages.

My Opinion  3.5 STARS

Andre de Laurent is the second in line to his fathers fortune and has been brought up knowing that his brother will inherit the position and funds in his family. However, on the death of his late mothers uncle he finds out that he has inherited a fortune and in order to claim it, he has to marry and stay married for a year. Both his brothers inheritance and his sisters inheritance also are forfeited if the conditions are not met.

Tasha has been involved with Andre since her best friend got married to his brother. Andre has come over many times to visit her but she has been feeling unwell lately and her period is late. On the day she finally finds out for sure that she is pregnant Andre visits early and finds the test in the bathroom.

Married in the next few days Tasha and Andre leave America for Marseilles and Andre tells his family that they are to keep the condition quite from Tasha. He wants this as a real marriage and not for her to think in any way that he is marrying her for the money.

Once on their honeymoon Tasha is contacted by Camille, her best friend, that there was a stomach bug going around the work place and that she should immediately get checked out by the doctor. Both are pregnant and due at the same time. To the dismay of both Tasha and Andre the baby is not viable and has died already.

After a time to grieve the pair go back home and continue on with their life and her friends growing pregnancy. Tasha and Andre are set back when Tasha does not get pregnant.

The other heirs to the will that will get the money should the marriage not survive, plot their revenge against the marriage and on goes for the job of nanny to Camilles baby.

A thwarted plan however still rocks the couple, but Tasha will not let greedy people get their hands on the inheritance. Through a period of ups and downs the pair struggle with their emotions and her trust.

Andre is prompted by his step mother and before Julian in helping to get the marriage on track.

The book also has snippets in the points of view from other characters which helped to add to the story and gave us a better feel to the characters.

A good light-hearted read.

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