Monday, 2 September 2013

The Mariage Fix (Billionaire Games 3) - Sandra Edwards

The  Book
Release Date: 22 August 2013

Contemporary Romance 

Lecie de Laurent is dying to cut the apron strings and strike out on her own. With the house and the money she’s inherited from Edouard Renault, she finally has her chance without financial repercussions from Papa. California is an intoxicating place for the sheltered, high society girl from France, and she’s not ready to leave when her father insists she return home. Lecie’s father, Maurice de Laurent is a powerful man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants—just ask her brothers, Julian and Andre. When Maurice threatens to have Lecie deported (thinking she’ll come home), Lecie retaliates in true de Laurent fashion.

Nick Matthews is in desperate need of cash after his fiancee leaves him in deep debt the day before their wedding. On the verge of losing his popular restaurant, to pay off the debt Nick decides to seek out an investor.

The answer to both their problems just might be wrapped up in The Marriage Fix.

My Opinion  1 STAR
**Provided by Netgalley and Sandra Edwards for an honest review**

First of all WTF!! Was this book written by the same author as the previous two books in the series? I mean seriously!

First of all the couple in question don't even talk until half way through the book. Lecie just states that she likes the look of him, and Nick in a glance thinks she's cute.

Too many of the other characters butt their noses in with their POV which at times felt pointless. It seemed like fluff to fill the book.

None of the two really shared their feeling with the reader leaving the ending as unrealistic and unbelievable. There was absolutely no connection between the characters.

Too much of the book was focused on Nick and his struggle to keep his business and the community centre going. Especially his feelings about it. And how pray tell, when they had hardly spoken to each other, let alone spent time together could they have such feelings for the other, especially Nick?

This book really hits you like a tun of bricks, but not i a good way. A really disappointing end to this series.

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