Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just for Fun (Escape to New Zealand 4) - Rosalind James

The Book
Release Date: 1 January 2013

What if the person who broke your heart turned out to be the only one who could mend it? 

Nic Wilkinson is a responsible, organized, disciplined rugby player at the top of his game. Emma Martens is a sometimes-scattered, often-emotional, and always-broke would-be designer with a big chip on her shoulder where Nic's concerned. 

They have no history together, except one perfect week. Nothing in common anymore, except the most important thing of all. Getting together again would be messy. Complicated. Scary. And, just maybe, worth every risk.

My Opinion  3 STARS
This is the best book in the series, although there is a fair bit to do with rugby, there is much less info on New Zealand, meaning more in the romance department.

However, this book still managed to go at a very sedate pace. Good if you want a really slow book to read and for the romance to drag however slowly.

Emma Martens was dumped by her fiance on her wedding day. Having decided to go on her honeymoon alone she knocks into Nic Wilkinson a Blue and an All Black who is going on a holiday. Drunk she stumbles into his lap and soon they are talking.

They agree to spend the week together where they both explore each other and generally have a wonderful time. When she doesn't hear from him, then finds herself pregnant she tries to get in contact with him but is constantly rebuffed.

Six years later Nic goes to rugby practice for kids and finds good player, when he see's his mum (Emma) he just know the kid is his. Finding them, she tells him about Zach and they have a blood test done for his peace of mind. The only problem is that he is already engaged, and Claudia is not pleased to find that he has a kid.

Claudia and Nic split when it is confirmed that he is the father. She does not like that she is no longer first in his life and that he wants to give Emma extra monies. Of course once Claudia leaves the picture Emma and Nic get even closer and go away for a bit to get to know each other again and end up in bed.

Back home Zac gets his own room at Nics and Emma often sleeps over and they tell him that he is Nics son. Once the tour starts it emerges that Nic is with Emma and has a son. Zach is teased at school and runs away scaring both parents and affiliated friends and family. Of course Zach is found, wrongs are put right and the family become one.

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